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Pride & Wellness Learning Series Calendar of Events

For the Community & Healthcare Providers

Queering Sexual Education

Jason Clark (he/him), Prevention Services Coordinator and Andrea Root (she/her), Lead Prevention Services Coordinator, Hey719

Join Hey719 in an inclusive, non-exhaustive approach to sexual education.

Location: Prism Community Collective

Tuesday, September 10th, 5:30-6:30pm
Tuesday, December 10th, 5:30-6:30pm

Harm Reduction 101: From Stigma to Solidarity

Melissa Chizmar (she/they), Prevention Services Manager, Southern Colorado Health Network

Learn about Narcan administration and legal protections, principles of harm reduction, the continuum of substance use, and dismantling stigma.

Location: Prism Community Collective

Wednesday, June 26th, 6-7pm
Wednesday, September 25th, 6-7pm
Wednesday, December 4th, 6-7pm

Fight HIV Stigma Through Personal Action

Joseph McCormack (he/him), Community Liaison, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Location: Prism Community Collective
Wednesday, July 17th, 6-7pm

Define the different forms of stigma and who is affected by it, discuss HIV stigma and how it impacts people living with HIV, learn about actions that can be taken to cope with stigma on a personal level, and discuss HIV disclosure and partner notification in the context of stigma.

Pride & Care Health Practitioner Series (for Healthcare Providers)

Prescribing Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy: FAQs & Case Studies

Patricia Bursnall, NP (she/her), Peak Vista

Get answers to commonly asked questions, hear example case studies, as well as the opportunity to share your own.

Location: Prism Community Collective (Zoom option also available)

Tuesday, July 16th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, October 15th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, December 10th, 6-7pm

How to Start Patients on Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy (GAHT)

Dr. Deborah Tuffield, DNP, FNP-C (she/her), UCCS

Topics include: Introduction to Gender-Affirming Care (terminology, best practices), how to diagnose Gender Dysphoria, how to safely prescribe hormones to transgender women, men, and nonbinary individuals, and how to anticipate body changes and timeframe for patients on GAHT.

Location: Prism Community Collective (Zoom option also available)

Tuesday, September 10th, 6-7pm
Tuesday, November 12th, 6-7pm