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About Us

Our Mission

To dismantle barriers, increase visibility, and build connection to ensure that those impacted by the Club Q tragedy, including our greater LGBTQ+ community, can live celebrated and liberated lives.

Our Story

Even before the tragic events at Club Q in November 2022, Colorado Springs had a dark history of LGBTQ+ discrimination and an absence of affirming resources. This long-standing reality was only exacerbated by the attack, which further highlighted the systemic inequities and vulnerabilities faced by our community.

The tragedy created an urgent need for a space that not only offered vital support to survivors and victims’ families but also served as a catalyst for change for the larger LGBTQ+ community in the Pikes Peak Region. It was out of this need that Prism Community Collective was created.

Founded on the principles of collaboration, connection, and advocacy, Prism is the result of more than a year of listening to, learning from, and working closely with survivors, victims’ families, and the community to understand their needs and wishes. The support, resources, and opportunities that Prism provides are in direct response to these voices.

As a survivor- and LGBTQ+ -led organization, we are deeply committed to transparency, shared power, and collective liberation. We believe that the most effective path toward change is by meeting people where they are, seeking feedback, leaning into discomfort, and responding in real time. We refuse to accept the status quo; too many find living in this area difficult, if not impossible. At the same time, we believe in our community’s enormous capacity for joy, resilience, celebration, and connection.

In the face of unspeakable loss, we are not defined by tragedy alone. The creation of Prism is a testament to our community’s strength and spirit. Here, we will lead with courage, disrupt norms, change systems, and push boundaries to create a future where we can all live free, authentic, and liberated lives.

How We Do Our Work

Embrace change and new ideas: Prism actively seeks out and welcomes innovative approaches to dismantle barriers and foster inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community.

Build confidence and resilience: Prism equips individuals with knowledge and skills, provides resources and support, promotes representation and visibility, and amplifies marginalized voices.

Create connection: Prism offers a safe and welcoming environment to build relationships, share experiences, and celebrate our community.

Challenge and advocate: Prism pushes boundaries, challenges injustice, disrupts outdated thinking and systems, and serves as a catalyst for a more equitable and inclusive community for all.

Co-create and collaborate: Meeting the needs of the LGBTQ+ community is bigger than any one individual or organization. To drive meaningful change, Prism brings people together, embraces diverse perspectives, encourages learning and growth, and supports new ways of working, thinking, and leading.